From Phu Quoc To Cambodia

Phu Quoc Island To Kep Kampot Sihanouk Ville PhomPenh Siem Riep

From Phu Quoc- Ha Tien

From Phu Quoc, tourists have to buy high-speed train tickets to Ha Tien and then cross the border to Cambodia, daily Phu Quoc high-speed train station has 2 trips in the morning and one in the afternoon to Ha Tien with the time running only takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. The lines running this route include Superdong Speedboat with the price of 230,000 VND.

The pier at Bai Vong is 20 km from the center of Phu Quoc island district; you can take a taxi, bus or motorbike. Price for renting a car is from 400.000VND – 600,000 VND depending on the numbers of car’s seats. In addition to the high-speed train, there is also Pha Thanh Thoi

From Ha Tien- Cambodia

From Ha Tien, you can go to Cambodia by bus or rent a private car according to your own schedule. If you take a bus, there are 2 buses daily from Ha Tien to Cambodia at 7 am and 13 pm. This is a bus company that has air conditioning, good-quality cars and runs all the way along the way to pick up passengers so rest assured. With the bus service, you will be assisted by the ticket office staff at the border gate and there will be a transfer bus that will pick you up to the office if you book in advance.

If renting a car with 4 – 7 seats, 16 seats, and 29 seats, the car will come to the pier to pick you up and take the initiative. With this vehicle, you must book a few days in advance and transfer the deposit in advance to the garage to schedule your pick up

Transfer from Ha Tien  to – Kep Bach – kampot – Sihanouk Ville – Phnompenh – Siem Riep Cambodia

Service includes: Gasoline, all toll fees, parking fee, driver expense, there are no additional charges. 24/7 customer support: Experienced driver.

Sihanouk ville to Ha Tien100 USD130 USD
Sihanouk ville to Chau Doc180 USD220 USD
Sihanouk ville to Can Tho200 USD240 USD
Sihanouk ville  to  Phu Quoc island120 USD150 USD
Sihanouk ville to Sai Gon300 USD350 USD
Ha Tien to Sihanoukville100 USD130 USD
Ha Tien to Phnompenh100 USD130 USD
Ha Tien to Kep Beach50 USD80 USD
Ha Tien to Kampot80 USD110 USD
Ha Tien to Can Tho150 USD170 USD
Ha Tien to Chau Doc100 USD120 USD
Ha Tien to Sai gon250 USD280 USD
Phnompenh to Ha Tien100 USD130 USD
Phnompenh to Phu Quoc120 USD150 USD
Phnompenh to Can Tho250 USD27 0USD
Phnompenh to Saigon 
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